Amazing and Creative Inventions: for Ship Safety

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I believe in rule Safety First and that seafarers are key workers.

If you are the kind of person who wants to have an impact on safety and care about people and their wellbeing then now you have a chance to commit.

I am very passionate about safety and thanks to my experience onboard I have learned that there are still many gaps that can be easily fixed – if we will work on it together!

My name is Kamil Lagiewka and I am working as 2nd Officer, in possession of Chief Officer’s license, with experience on LNG and LPG vessels.

I invented 2 tools which will help with the fire drills and inspections on board. One is a turning holder for a portable fire extinguisher, the second one is backpacks for breathing apparatus spare cylinder.

Turning Holder for Portable Fire Extinguisher safety:

One of the duties of the deck officer was inspections of fire extinguishers – every month around 100 extinguishes had to be lifted up and turned upside down.

Turning holder invented by Kamil Łągiewka

After a few checks, I started feeling back pain because of the weight of the extinguishers ( 6 to 12 kg).

I still have problems with my back and it is not getting any better, so one day I and my father came up with the idea of a tool, which will minimize the usage of one’s strength and people will be able to run inspections smoothly and effortlessly.

Inspection of the extinguisher -an unnatural position demonstrated by Kamil Łągiewka

Please see the presentation of the turning holder.

A backpack for carrying a spare breathing apparatus cylinder

The other is a backpack for carrying a spare breathing apparatus cylinder. During the fire drills, or in case of a real fire, all crew members need to muster and carry relevant equipment.

Backpack fire extinguisher Photo credits: Kamil Łągiewka
Photo credits: Kamil Łągiewka

One of the duties of fire squat 1,2 and technical team is carrying additional breathing apparatus cylinder, in case more oxygen would be needed. Seafarers need to carry these bottles in hands.

Needless to say that it is not comfortable and not safe – especially when the sea is rough, or running down the stairs.

This is why I came up with a simple idea of a special backpack, perfect for carrying an extra breathing apparatus cylinder without much effort.

I also attached some photos and presentations for your reference.

Both of my inventions are protected (patent and industrial design)

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