The Maldives launches a reward scheme for repeat travelers with rewards

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The Maldives has launched a three-tier loyalty program for travelers, for which there are a range of mutual incentives, services or advantages.

Maldivian Border Miles will be formally executed on 1 December and tourists to the program, depending on the number of visits they make and the length of their stay, will receive points. Additional points may be awarded for trips to special events, although the awards have not been seen in depth. In 2019, while 1,7 million travelers visited the Maldives, the program had to close its borders to restrict COVID 19 spread on 27 March. The program has been launched since then. On 15 July, it re-established enhanced virus precaution.

Introducing the Maldives

The scheme launched by Maldives Immigration consists of three categories: gold, silver, and bronze. The bronze level is the first stage and is named Aida, a bright sky star that is from the Divehi language. Abaarana is the third most prestigious gold stand, and the valued gold is offered to monarchs by Abaarana. Antara is the silver which means desirable which noble.

The Indian Ocean’s numerous white-sand and underwater beaches are a delight for travelers to this region. It has some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, and its coral walls, spectacular cave, and tropical fish schools draw aquatic life enthusiasts. Beloved by honeymooners and those wanting a romantic tropical or comfortable getaway, the island has opened its doors to travelers on nearly all budgets with the public ferry, speedboat, and domestic aircraft.

You will find more detail about the program here.

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